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Lewis Greenway-Jones

Helping software engineers make the right compromises, to go fast and find quality.

About me

I'm happy working on any problem - but you'll find me at my happiest when I'm helping teams deliver more of what matters, and help them not worry about what doesn't.

That can be anything - all the way from how teams work together, through to cloud architecture and site reliability, down to the tiny details that matter when refactoring a legacy codebase or writing good tests.

To build something truly great, you need a solid understanding of the building materials and empathy for the builders.

About this site

I have a full-time job doing what I love - but what I post here are my own personal opinions, not that of my current or former employers.

Sometimes what I want to tell the world, or how I want say it isn't clear until I try explaining it to someone else. Simply, writing helps me empty my busy head. Some articles might just be a sketch of a problem with no solution while others are mere outlines of something I might never get around to fleshing out. Nonetheless, I hope by writing out in the open, I can start a good conversation.

If you enjoy what I write or have any comments/questions, please do follow or @ me on Twitter. I'll tweet out new articles as soon as they're more than just a title.

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What made me the engineer I am today:

  • My brilliant managers and colleagues, both past and present - who have taken me under their wing and asked the right questions of me, at the right time.
  • Martin Fowler's Bliki - my original inspiration to start writing about somewhat-technical topics. It's an absolute treasure trove of content - but what I seek to imitate most about it is how it shows the interrelatedness of different ideas and topics.
  • Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck - I've re-read this book multiple times in my career. The practical techniques may seem less extreme today, but there's always something relevant in here for whatever situation I find myself in.

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